A-Z of Addressable: O is for Omnichannel

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  • 08/08/2023

In the “A-Z of Addressable TV” series, we introduce some of the key terminology, technical aspects, and target audiences involved in addressable TV and explain how they enable advertisers to discover and reach new audiences. From ‘Addressable’ to ‘Gen Z,’ we’ve got you covered.

A-Z of Addressable: O is for Omnichannel

What is omnichannel advertising?

Omnichannel advertising is when a brand uses multiple, interconnected media channels to reach and interact with its audience as part of its media planning and activation strategy.

The aim is to provide a consistent and connected experience for the customer across all media touchpoints and stages of the buyer’s journey – from addressable TV advertising and digital out-of-home, to display, search, social and beyond.

Why is omnichannel effective in the modern advertising ecosystem?

There have always been different channels to advertise on and brands wanting to be across all of them. What has changed in recent years is the application of data and technology.

Omnichannel advertising campaigns can now be more dynamic by using real-time data and insights to inform planning and adapt and mold ongoing campaigns. By tracking against business goals and analysing performance across all channels, brands can constantly evolve campaigns by adapting creative or shifting budget to different channels or locations to optimize outcomes.

Advances in technology and improvements in data signals have broken down the traditional media planning silos. TV, out-of-home, and digital teams, for instance, are now much more connected as part of an overall strategy. This enables more tactical, effective, and efficient deployment of media spend.

What is the role of addressable TV in omnichannel advertising?

TV remains the trusted medium and can provide a key, and powerful, element of the sales funnel in an omnichannel campaign. And customers now experience brands in a borderless and increasingly personalised way when they interact across various touchpoints. It is important that TV is equipped to play a role in this new and fragmented ecosystem.

An addressable TV approach makes this possible by using the power of data to allow brands to deliver hyper-relevant creative to audiences in locations and demographics that are underrepresented via other media channels in terms of reach and/or attention.  

How does Finecast addressable TV solution enable effective omnichannel advertising campaigns?

The Finecast Audience Planner builds custom audiences to accurately and consistently target audiences across the entire addressable TV marketplace, from BVOD and addressable linear , to newer AVOD services.

As part of GroupM Nexus, which brings together 9,000 practitioners globally across ad ops, addressable content & TV, AI, commerce, programmatic, search, and social, Finecast can bring together our data-led, privacy-compliant approach to creating a single point of access to the TV advertising ecosystem, with the traditional digital channels already  being deployed.

This means brands can optimise a campaign across digital display, digital audio, digital video, connected TV, and digital out-of-home. Connecting thinking, talent, and technology.

This is valuable in an age of walled gardens and regulation where location is becoming the go-to method for precision targeting.

Brands can also use the Nexus Growth Platform to test and learn when it comes to channel weighting to make them unmissable in their target area, and measure performance in different locations and across different channels within omnichannel campaigns.

Let’s look at an example of omnichannel advertising using addressable TV...

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) was looking to relaunch its Race for Life campaign in the aftermath of Covid-19 with a locally relevant yet national campaign. CRUK wanted to drive consideration from new audiences, with a particular emphasis on men.

They used GroupM Nexus’s cross-channel platform, ‘Unmissable’, to achieve their goals. Finecast, Xaxis, and Sightline collaborated to deliver programmatic media at broadcast scale – delivering a high-impact omnichannel campaign across BVOD, digital audio, digital out-of-home, mobile, premium digital video, and premium display, achieved using location-based first-party data overlaid with You Gov data, enabling cookieless targeting across channels.

Maximum concentration and channel mix for each geographic area enabled CRUK to maximise reach and budget and focus on important and upcoming races.

The result was 6x uplift in sign-up intent amongst males, 75% uplift in audience engagement with tailored ad content, £64k additional media efficiencies driven through tailored creative, and more. Read the full success story here.

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