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makeO toothsi shifts to addressable TV to drive purchase intent among affluent audience

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  • 2023


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makeO toothsi, a makeO brand, is revolutionizing the way Indians get smile makeovers, by providing teeth alignment solutions that are more affordable and accessible through cutting edge invisible aligner technology.

The increase in disposable income among the middle class has led to higher spending on beauty and personal care products that will enhance their appearance, including their teeth. For this cohort, having straight, aligned teeth is perceived as a sign of confidence, attractiveness and happiness.

Meanwhile, the growth of e-commerce in India has made it easier for brands to reach a wide audience. For consumers, online shopping provides convenience, variety, and the ability to compare products before purchasing.

makeO toothsi therefore wanted to raise awareness and desire for its clear teeth aligners among a beauty-conscious, high-income audience, and drive purchase intent.

While makeO toothsi was a veteran of YouTube advertising, performance on the platform had plateaued. makeO toothsi needed a different way to reach new and relevant audiences.

Finecast’s addressable TV was selected for its ability to target custom audiences at the household level across premium broadcast channels such as lifestyle, music, English movies and infotainment, which are relevant for makeO toothsi.

Using Finecast Audience Planner, makeO toothsi’s audience was identified as people aged 22-45 living in seven cities in India. The campaign was then launched with two creatives – a 20 sec edit ran for two weeks to establish the message in consumers’ minds, then the 10 sec edit ran for a further two weeks to maximise frequency and achieve greater recall. The creatives strategically featured Indian cricket star Virat Kohli and his wife Bollywood star Anushka Sharma, to capture attention and promote recall.

"Working with Finecast has enabled makeO toothsi to effectively reach our audience at scale more efficiently than ever before to produce some excellent results."

Shuchita Wadhwa, Head of Marketing, makeO

The campaign was delivered to 11.25 million households alongside premium broadcast content across smart TV’s and set-top boxes. It achieved a 93% completion rate.

Finecast also partnered with Kantar to conduct a brand lift study, assessing performance across key metrics.

Respondents were also enthused to take action after seeing the advert, with 71% stating that they will download the app and book and scan, and 56% will sign up for the video consultation.

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