Highlights from Finecast's Second Annual TV Innovation Summit

  • 5 minutes read
  • United Kingdom
  • 17/03/2023

Finecast's TV Innovation Summit 2023

Last week, on the banks of the Thames, Finecast hosted our second annual TV Innovation Summit.

Exclusive to Finecast clients and agency partners, this event highlights our commitment to innovation through collaboration, continued research, and dialogue across channels and partners to move addressable advertising forward. Our ultimate goal? To reimagine TV advertising experiences for brands and viewers.

This year, attendees got an in-depth look at current and future trends impacting the industry, the role of everything from data to sustainability, as well as the opportunities that an omnichannel world introduces for brands and media.

Here are some of the highlights of the day:

The state of addressable TV 

Hannah Walsh (Research Manager, Ampere Analysis) dissected the ever-changing addressable TV landscape.  As addressable advertising’s market share grows, so will the advantages that addressable unlocks. Advantages like embedded QR codes, dynamic creative optimization, specialized geo-targeting, and efficiency gains that reduce wastage.


Unleashing the full potential of data innovation with Joe Kinchin (Finecast), Natalie Collins (Dunnhumby) and Rupert Naylor (Data Partner)

In this fireside chat, panelists discussed the pioneering ways data is being used to resonate with audiences. For some time, we’ve known that there’s a wealth of data available. Now, however, there’s emerging technology that allows datasets to be linked and accurate predictions to be made, leading to more efficient advertising for brands. These advancements allow brands to target segments, measure sales and engagement, and will likely set the stage for new ways to measure effectiveness across the entire ecosystem.


Combining addressable media with creative messaging 

Jon Evans, Chief Customer Officer at System1, illuminated how the right and left hemispheres of the brain process creative features differently and how, by understanding these differences, brands can leverage creative features that are best suited to their marketing goals. Jon talked about narrow vs. broad-beam attention and announced an upcoming research project (in partnership with Finecast) that will build upon previous attention studies and investigate whether addressable ads produce different audience effects and/or elicit stronger business impact than non-addressable ads. Watch this space!


Investing in forever

Finecast’s Carla Holding, along with Pauline Robson from EssenceMediacom and Jonathan Trimble from And Rising discussed the importance of sustainability and practical steps that will make an impact on this and future generations. This hopeful session encouraged the audience to think of themselves as global citizens rather than merely consumers, to recognise that there’s a sustainability layer in every role, and to go beyond increasing awareness to changing behaviour.


Research trailblazers: Disrupting the status quo with Christian Brent (Partner at Yonder), Daniel Knapp (Chief Economist at IAB Europe), Daniel Richardson (Professor of Experimental Psychology, University College London), Mike Follet (Managing Director, Lumen Research) and Samantha Lister (Head of Marketing Sciences, Finecast)

There’s nothing more exciting than forging your own path, but we all know it can’t be done based on wishful thinking. Careful research and accurate data are vital parts of successfully pioneering new initiatives. In this session, panelists debated the future of research in media, highlighted exciting innovations in the field, and discussed how continued research is opening doors for new, more effective strategies to emerge.


Beyond the horizon: Exploring addressable frontiers 

There’s a transformation happening in the world of TV viewing. Linear TV viewing is decreasing as available video platforms increase. Kristian Claxon (Managing Partner, Global Innovation, Finecast) spoke about the fragmentation and complexity this creates and also addressed the opportunities we see emerging as the TV ecosystem evolves, creative optimisation becomes increasingly important, and responsive, dynamic, and fully integrated omnichannel solutions become the new standard.


Forging the path to a unified vision 

Imagine a world where data is so smart, and targeting so precise, that a brand can adjust creative delivery to certain postcodes based on local in-store inventory. This is just one example that Kristian, joined by Niel Bornman (CEO, EMEA, GroupM Nexus), Zuzanna Gierlinska, (UK MD, Xaxis), and Chris Keenan (Global Chief Product & Commercial Officer, Finecast) discussed in their panel about the future of omnichannel solutions. As they pointed out, consumers don’t distinguish between platforms and experiences; their experience of a brand is borderless, so the future can’t be anything but omnichannel.


The science behind motivation and chemistry - and how to use it to thrive 

As social animals, we humans have a need to rally together. In this insightful talk, award-winning innovation forecaster, Shivvy Jervis, spoke not just about emerging research but also shared practical steps for becoming more effective managers, building stronger teams, and how to encourage others to be more receptive to your ideas.


Thank you, once again, to everyone who made the TV Innovation Summit such a success. To make sure you get a seat at the 2024 Finecast TV Innovation Summit, or to discuss how Finecast can support you in your goals or strategy for 2023, contact us at