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Addressable ads generate a stronger cognitive response than non-addressable ads, new research shows

The latest ‘Thinking Inside the Box’ research from Finecast, conducted by scientists from University College London, shows that addressable ads are far more effective than their non-addressable counterparts across four key neuro-networks: attention, emotion, reward and memory.   1 December 2022, London, UK –  Finecast, a leading addressable TV provider has today announced the results … Continued

Ad Spotlight: Kelly Parker, Wavemaker UK CEO

Welcome to the Ad Spotlight series where we hear from a different guest from the industry each month to get an insight into the landscape of advertising as well as their own personal experiences. Our guest this month is Kelly Parker. Kelly has an impressive and eclectic media career, working with global brands such as … Continued

Building a custom audience to effectively reach cat owners who care

Royal Canin has over 50 years of experience in improving pet health through nutrition and remains on the cutting edge by collaborating with leading scientific, veterinary and behavioural experts. With a 23%* increase in UK pet ownership in 2021, there was a significant opportunity for Royal Canin to establish itself as the pet food brand … Continued

A-Z of Addressable: K is for KPIs

In the “A-Z of Addressable TV” series, we introduce some of the key terminology, technical aspects, and target audiences involved in addressable TV and explain how they enable advertisers to discover and reach new audiences. From ‘Addressable’ to ‘Gen Z,’ we’ve got you covered. K is for KPIs What is a KPI? And what KPIs … Continued

The four pillars for thriving in uncertain times

Are you addressing the rising cost of living crisis in your marketing communications? Undeniably, the UK is heading for a recession with the next few months forecasted to be financially difficult for the general consumer and businesses. In the advertising sector, pressure on TV budgets is expected to mount with the launch of new ad-supported … Continued

Measuring the Power of Addressable TV 

In 2020, Finecast launched our Thinking Inside the Box research series to explore the changing TV landscape and the evolving role of addressable TV advertising. Through this research we tackled the question ‘What constitutes TV these days and how do viewers define it?’. The perception of advertising was also changing, with personalised ads seen as … Continued

How to engage with customers in the ‘messy middle’

We’re proud to partner with VideoWeek for the 2023 CTV Advertising Guide. As online and offline worlds continue to merge, buyer journeys have never been more fragmented. In order for brands to move consumers through the sales funnel and make sure their messages are having the desired impact, objectives and measurement must be placed at … Continued

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