Why Addressable TV

Combining the 
power of TV with the
precision of data



Addressable TV puts different ads in different households. At Finecast, we engage viewers watching professionally produced TV content on-demand through live streams and in linear viewing environments.
Incremental reach

Cost-effective incremental reach

We offer the best path to cost-effective incremental reach by optimising campaigns across platforms and targeting elusive audiences. We can even help mitigate media inflation.
Custom audiences

Reach the audiences that are tough to find

We create custom audiences with Finecast Audience Planner, using the most robust datasets in the market to enable precision targeting across the addressable TV ecosystem.

Tailored messages for audiences at specific locations

We use location-based data to precisely target your audiences based on proximity, travel time or trade area.

Why do you need TV?

TV is still the most powerful medium for building brands. It's also a highly effective selling tool, which keeps brands coming back for more. If you're new to TV, you've come to the right place.