Is Connected TV getting its due in the festive advertising pie?

  • 1 minute read
  • India
  • 20/10/2022
Indian audience watching TV

In 2022, Connected TV viewers in India have spent an average of 4 hours daily watching content, as against 3.5 hours in 2021. Nine out of 10 TVs sold in 2022 were Smart TVs. These are some of the data from the latest report by mediasmart, an Affle company, titled ‘India Says Yes to Connected TV!’.

The report also highlights that Connected TV (CTV) ads are impactful as 9 in 10 viewers of CTV recall being exposed to ads; 81% users admitted that the ads influenced them and improved their purchase intent.

However, despite enormous advertising potential in this space, CTV advertising has been a largely untapped market in the country. There seems to be a shift though. An increasing number of brands have shown interest in advertising on connected TV this festive season, multiple media agencies and sector experts told e4m.

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