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Finecast’s innovative targeting using Nectar360 data delivers sales and positive brand metrics

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  • 2021
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Greater likelihood of those exposed to ad to consider the Wolf Bass brand


Greater likelihood of those exposed to ad to purchase the Wolf Bass brand


Went on to purchase a Wolf Blass wine either in store or online
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One of the world’s largest wine companies

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is one of the world’s largest wine companies. Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, it’s the custodian of a portfolio of premium wine brands from some of the most iconic winemaking regions around the globe.
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Drive sales amongst target audiences

Through a multi-channel campaign, TWE wanted to promote the Wolf Blass brand to ABC1 wine drinkers aged 35 to 54.

Innovate to improve brand health metrics and sales

TWE partnered with Finecast to use data from Sainsbury’s Nectar card loyalty scheme (the largest of its kind in the UK), Finecast built a bespoke audience for TWE that incorporated relevant Sainsbury’s data segments coupled with YouGov targeting. The team identified viewers who were also foodies, indulgent foodies and consumers of drinks, nibbles, ready-to-eat meals and wine. Over a period of six weeks in November and December, Wolf Blass ads were shown to these groups as they watched addressable TV.

We are delighted with the performance of the Wolf Blass – Here’s to the campaign that aired last Christmas using Finecast to innovatively target consumers. With the objective of recruiting into the wine category, digital played a huge part in our 2020 marketing plans. The VOD commercial enabled us to reach audiences, analyse customer behaviour and track purchases in a highly effective and impactful way.

Chantal McDowell - Brand Manager
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The results exceeded expectations

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In terms of emotional response, an impressive 84% of those people exposed to the ad felt positively about it. Meanwhile, the addition of Nectar data produced gains in both purchase intent and brand consideration that surpassed the previous two brand uplift studies. Exposed viewers were 33% more likely to consider Wolf Blass than the control group, and they were 41% more likely to purchase the brand. In fact, 21% of people did go on to purchase Wolf Blass wine in store or online after having seen the ad messaging.


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