Our Approach

We are a single point of access to addressable TV

What set us apart

It's challenging for advertisers to manage so many broadcasters, each with their own content, segmentation and measurement standards. Thanks to our industry partnerships, we have created a powerful and single access point for you to navigate the addressable TV ecosystem.
Premium content
Audience segmentation
Premium content

We only place ads within professionally produced, 'for TV' content

TV is still the most trusted medium that attracts highly engaged audiences. Content is full-screen, fully viewable and with the sound on - that's the best way to connect with viewers and sustain their attention.
Audience segmentation

Identify and reach relevant viewers

We can go beyond standard TV demographic audience segments. Our unique audience approach is built on trusted partnerships combining third-party and first-party data. Our approach is underpinned by:
Best in class data sources

The most robust and reliable data in the market enabling precision targeting across the addressable TV ecosystem

Geographical segmentation

Understand the behaviours and characteristics of audiences based on their residential location

Intelligence and insights

We have a deep understanding of how the data has been collected and defined


Multiple metrics for success

We offer bespoke measurement solutions to track performance across the entire customer journey.
Brand metrics

Carefully measure incremental reach vs. linear TV and brand uplift with Finecast Total TV Measurement.

Web traffic

Determine active interest and consideration of your brand by measuring web traffic uplift.

Store footfall

Track uplift of in-store visits to get a picture of desire and intent for your products and services.


See if your campaign inspired viewers to take action by referencing advanced transaction and loyalty partnership data.


Tag certification (UK Market)

Finecast has been certified by TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) following an audit validating its practices meet the highest industry brand safety standards.

Discover our technology

Finecast Audience Planner is a proprietary platform for planning, pricing and activation of addressable TV advertising campaigns.