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Finecast delivers campaign effectiveness and brand uplift for Hillarys

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  • United Kingdom
  • Ecommerce
  • Custom audiences
  • Incremental reach
  • 2022
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Of exposed are likely to purchase Hillarys in the future


Of exposed are likely to consider Hillarys


Took action after seeing the ad

The UK’s leading made-to-measure window specialists

Hillarys are the UK’s leading made-to-measure window specialists, producing blinds, curtains and shutters for more than 50 years. They operate across the UK and Ireland, with a local in-home service that helps customers find the right product for their home.

Drive brand awareness and consideration

The objective of the campaign was to position Hillarys as good value for money and drive brand awareness and consideration with their target audiences. Hillarys were looking to access affluent women over the age of 35 to drive their brand messaging.

Create a bespoke audience and reach them across all screens.

To find this audience Finecast utilised a YouGov panel to identify people who were classified as being the social grade ABC1, female gender and over 35 years old. Through YouGov Finecast were then able to compare this sample to 3rd party segmentation built around life stage and lifestyle from Experian and Acxiom. Through a series of data validations, the segments were selected which were most similar to the ABC1 35+ female audience. Through the activation of this audience, Finecast aligned the strategy with Hillarys linear TV campaign.

Using Finecast, we were able to target the right customer with our creative – reducing wastage and ensuring only the relevant consumers were exposed. The uplift study also helped to reaffirm the creative decisions we had made and gave us the confidence to invest further into video-on-demand platforms in order to change the perception of the brand.

Chris McKay - Head of Brand Engagement, Hillarys
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The campaign was very effective in enabling Hillarys to reach their target audiences and drive consideration and brand awareness.

The campaign achieved positive results overall, with exposed groups showing uplifts vs. control across all metrics tested, including: 70% of the exposed viewers are “likely” to purchase Hillarys compared to 45% in the control group• Exposed respondents were 3x more likely than the control group to recommend Hillarys• A 22%-point increase between the control and exposed for those likely to consider Hillarys• 84% aided brand awareness for the exposed group versus 65% for the control group• 62% took action after seeing the ad, including discussing with family or friends and searching for more information online.


Credits: Photos by Justin Schüler, Keenan Barber, Nong V, Maria Orlova

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