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Finecast targeting drives strong results for new to TV advertiser Hyperoptic

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  • United Kingdom
  • Telco
  • Custom audiences
  • Key brand metrics
  • Geo-targeting
  • 2023


Would consider purchasing Hyperoptic


Incremental orders that are attributed to Finecast


Increase in Intent to Purchase Hyperoptic plans

Hyperoptic turned to Finecast to raise brand awareness in areas where their service was available and to drive an uplift in interest, enquiries, and ultimately, sales.

New to TV advertising, they wanted to deploy their TV budget as cost effectively as possible; this meant delivering their ad only to those for whom their service was available.

As a challenger brand it was critical for Hyperoptic to impact both brand awareness at the top of the funnel and measurable business impact in terms of sales at the bottom of the funnel. Finecast built a bespoke audience using Hyperoptic’s client rollout data to find potential customers who were 18+ Adults and geo-targeted to ensure Hyperoptic’s creative was delivered only to postcodes where their broadband services were available.

When we saw what Finecast could do, we knew we’d found the solution to our ambition (and challenge!) to put our brand on TV. It’s been seamless getting our campaign planned and activated, and the measurement techniques give us the confidence to invest TV as a channel. 

Jawad Safdar, Head of Demand Generation Marketing, Hyperoptic

The results demonstrate that the campaign was very effective in enabling Hyperoptic to reach their target audiences, drive incremental sales and grow their customer base.

The Brand Uplift Study showed impressive results with uplifts across all metrics for the exposed audiences, including:

  • 49% increase in Intent to purchase
  • A 20 point increase in Brand Awareness

The results of the Web Uplift Study demonstrate significant uplifts across a range of KPIs. Most notably, the following uplifts are driven by Hyperoptic’s Finecast campaign:

  • +33% in orders, equating to an incremental ~25% in orders
  • +27% in postcode searches, equating to an incremental ~21% in searches


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