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Addressable TV proves a cost-effective way to drive results for the UK’s leading car-buying platform

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  • 2021
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More enquiries than email, paid social and display ads combined


Ratio of car buyers to enquiries attributed to addressable TV


Additional car buyers per £1000 spend on Finecast

The UK’s biggest car-buying brand

What Car? is the UK’s biggest car-buying brand and has been helping Britain’s car buyers make purchasing decisions for over 40 years.

Generate leads, build brand awareness and alter brand perceptions.

What Car? was looking to build brand awareness and alter brand perceptions. The team wanted to position the brand as a trusted destination to not only review, but also to purchase a new car. In addition, they wanted to generate new leads amongst car buyers.

The brand’s first venture into TV advertising.

The addressable TV campaign was designed using postcode level location data to build an exclusion map. This approach allowed them to efficiently deliver maximum national coverage while limiting ad exposure to areas without dealerships nearby.

TV was an obvious choice for building brand equity and awareness around our new car-buying platform. To avoid wastage we looked at TV in a different way to how we may have tackled it previously – by using addressable or non-linear TV advertising – which ultimately could prove to be a more cost effective solution to target in-market audiences.

Darren Pitt - Marketing Director, Haymarket Automotive, UK

The results demonstrated addressable TV to be a highly cost-effective method of driving results.

Finecast TV ads cost just over three times that of paid social and five times that of online video (per view). Finecast ads had a very high buyer-to-enquiry ratio and generate 87% more enquiries than email, paid social, and display ads combined, and the ratio of car buyers attributed to addressable TV in relation to those making enquiries was very high at 69%. Each £1,000 spent on Finecast addressable advertising can be attributed based on postcode matching to an additional:• 28 Enquiries• 21 Car buyers


Credits: Photos by Pixabay, Rahul Bhogal, Sebastiaan Stam

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