A-Z of Addressable TV: A is for Addressable

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  • 10/08/2021

Welcome to the A-Z of Addressable TV series. In this series, we will introduce some of the key terminology, technical aspects, and target audiences involved in addressable TV, and explain how they enable advertisers to discover and reach new audiences. From ‘addressable’ to ‘Gen Z’, we’ve got you covered.

A is for Addressable.

What is addressable TV?

Addressable TV advertising is the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching their preferred TV shows. With the help of addressable advertising, advertisers can move beyond large-scale traditional TV ad buys, to focus on relevance, impact, and building incremental reach.

This is particularly useful as the way we consume TV media evolves to include on-demand services and live streaming across different devices alongside scheduled TV where linear TV advertising has traditionally been popular.

How does addressable TV work?

At Finecast, we use best in class data from the likes of Experian, Mastercard, Acxiom, Nectar, broadcasters, and more to understand the make-up of a household and build bespoke audience profiles which are then shared with broadcast linear, OTT (Over the top) providers and advertisers so that brands can reach their target audience – these tend to be the households most likely to engage with the advertisement delivered to their screen.

Examples of the data collected in addressable TV advertising include geographic, demographic, behavioural, and purchase propensity information.

We have access to over 180 targeting segments to help our customers identify and precisely target the right audience with relevant advertising messages. Our addressable TV advertising enables brands to reach their audience’s broadcast linear and OTT streaming viewing environments including smart TVs, connected devices, set top boxes and personal devices.

Let’s look at an example of addressable TV in action…

Household A and Household B are both watching the latest ITV drama. Household A – a family of four – are interested in purchasing a new family car and have been researching on the web. Household B, meanwhile, is a young professional couple who are health food enthusiasts. During the first ad break, Household A are served an advert for a family car brand who have a dealership within a 30-minute drive. At the same time, Household B see an advert for a local health food shop.

Who is using addressable TV advertising?

Addressable TV is a valuable advertising method for brands and campaign budgets of all sizes. Whether a brand is new to TV advertising, promoting a more niche product, or launching a big campaign, companies are using addressable TV advertising to make sure their ads reach the intended audience only. It was highlighted as the top priority for many brands and agencies in one recent study.

What Car?eBayTreasury Wines and Sweaty Betty, are among the companies who have used Finecast’s addressable TV services, and you can read about their results in our success stories.

Audiences have shown a readiness to embrace addressable TV. For instance, in our Thinking Inside the Box research with DRG, one in three viewers indicated that they’d feel more inclined to watch TV ads if they were relevant to them. The research also found that people liked addressable ads almost four times more than non-addressable ads and remembered them more accurately. Those who deemed an ad to be relevant are also 18x more likely to think the brand is worth paying more for.

For more information on how addressable TV can work for you, get in touch via the form below. And keep an eye out for the next in our A-Z series coming soon where we will take a closer look at Brand Awareness.

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