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Integrating shopper data in addressable TV targeting to efficiently reach consumers and raise brand awareness

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  • Taiwan
  • Food & Beverage
  • Custom audiences
  • Key brand metrics
  • 2023


Uplift in favourability


Rise in purchase intent


Lift in brand awareness among those aged 18-24

Mars wants to expand audience and remain top-of-mind

Globally, Mars wants to drive greater effectiveness from their media investment by better use of data and digital engagement. More specifically, in this example, Mars wanted to expand their target audience and encourage existing customers to purchase more frequently by maximizing top-of-mind awareness close to the time of purchase.

Achieving these objectives is challenging. Notably, Mars doesn’t have a website in Taiwan, meaning they can’t measure conversions or generate 1st party data to get a true picture of their consumers.

Previously, they have built their business by investing heavily in traditional TV but linear is on the decline, particularly for younger audiences. So, Mars’ key challenge was to find a more efficient way to maximize awareness and would like to target the real customer.

Create a bespoke audience with first-party data

In Taiwan, there is a unique system relating to purchase receipts. Every time a person purchases goods, they get a receipt. Every two months, the government does a lucky draw from those receipts, which encourages people to collect and keep their receipts. An app has been created to digitize and store these receipts. By working with the app developers, we have access to their data and have insight into what each device ID owner buys. This enabled us to find past consumers of Mars’ products and identify potential ones. Mars particularly wanted to strengthen its reach among consumers aged 18-24 and influence their preference for their products.

Integrating these insights with Finecast’s proprietary audience activation platform, Finecast Audience Planner, we could precisely target real consumers of Mars’ products at a household level, which has never been done on linear TV.

With the media environment changing, CTV is becoming a new trend and a new opportunity to reach consumers, especially after the pandemic. Finecast and EssenceMediacom leveraged their proprietary tools to plan the campaign and find the best budget allocation to maximize media efficiency. Incorporating the app data was a genius idea that helped us to engage real customers – both existing and potential ones.

Paul Hsu, Mars Wrigley Asia Media Head

The campaign positively influenced consumer perception of Airwaves

The campaign achieved strong results, including a 96% completion rate, which is 1.07x higher than the benchmark of past campaigns (90%). 

Finecast partnered with Kantar to understand the effect of the campaign on brand metrics via a control vs. exposed study methodology. It revealed a 13% increase in brand favourability and a 12% rise in purchase intent among those who saw the ad.

Crucially, the campaign achieved a 21% lift in brand awareness among those aged 18-24, which is more than 3x higher than the other audience groups.

The campaign also achieved significant success in changing consumer perception, with a 13% uplift in “meets needs better than other brands”.

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