Wrapping up a big year for New to TV brands

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  • United Kingdom
  • 22/12/2021
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Our Senior Director of Brand Solutions, Joel Wilkinson, reflects back on a terrific year for New to TV brands…

Is it really almost 2022 already?! As we countdown to the new year, I always find this is a good time to take stock. To look back at what was achieved over the past year and look ahead to what opportunities are in store thanks to the seeds planted over the last 12 months.

Heading into 2021, one of Finecast’s major goals was to help brands – big and small –take their first steps into television advertising with the help of addressable TV. We wanted to remove the roadblocks and use addressable’s targeting and measurement capabilities to welcome companies on their exciting ‘New to TV’ journey.

And I am so proud of what we have been able to achieve on this front, all within the context of another uncertain and difficult year for the world.

Amidst the backdrop of an exciting renaissance in TV advertising spend in general – WARC and the Advertising Association predict this to be the largest Q4 in a decade, with BVOD spend up by 24% – Finecast has helped brands of all sizes (and a host of industries) plant their flag in the TV advertising landscape for the very first time.

From alcohol brands boosting awareness and unit sales with TV ad debuts and estate agents using addressable to target specific demographics close to their offices, to universities achieving record years in applications and enrolments, it has been amazing to see the versatility of addressable TV in action.

And that’s before I mention the B2B, young, venture backed brands, and high street retailers who got in on the act in 2021, too.

The exciting thing is that there is no brand or industry that should see TV advertising as off limits anymore. Addressable TV has helped remove fears over cost and creative this year and there are plenty more opportunities to grab in 2022 as TV viewers continue to diversify and the industry welcomes more platforms to enhance the experience for advertisers and the audience alike.

If you’re a brand that has TV advertising as a new year’s resolution, check out our recent blog that explains why addressable TV should be your next investment. Or reach out to one of the Finecast team directly for more information at

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