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Finecast’s innovative targeting delivers strong results in all key brand metrics

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  • 2021
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Are likely to purchase Isuzu


Feel positive about the ad


Searched for more information online

The pick-up professionals

From the day they were founded in 1916 in Japan, and when they started Isuzu UK in 1987 to import and distribute the legendary Trooper model, Isuzu have always been about what their customers need and want. At Isuzu they only make commercial vehicles, and they are the pick-up professionals.

Make a great impact at launch without a massive budget

Isuzu had several challenges to address. Firstly, how to make a lot of noise with the launch while working with a budget that wouldn’t allow for mass targeting at scale. Secondly, how to stand out and resonate with customers in the very comms-crowded pick-up market. And finally, how to cut through with audiences when the auto purchase journey grows increasingly more digital, and audiences are being hounded to convert.

Build fully bespoke audience segments for Isuzu's Do-ers audience

Using YouGov's panel data Finecast identified the target audience combining different psychographic statements, before mapping to our 3rd party data segmentations. This was then supplemented with Experian Auto data, built around those who are likely to own Sports Utility Vehicles and Light Commercial Vehicles

We are delighted with the performance of the All-New Isuzu D-Max launch campaign ‘Driven to do’ using Finecast. With the objective of cutting through the noise in the market and having a much smaller budget than our competitors, the addressable commercial enabled us to reach our target audiences whilst driving brand awareness for Isuzu and our All-New D-Max. This approach proved both highly effective and impactful.

George Wallis - Head of Marketing, Isuzu
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The ad successfully targeted an audience who are more likely to purchase from the brand, highlighting a decrease in wastage.

The campaign achieved positive results overall; the ad successfully targeted an audience who are more likely to purchase from the brand. This highlights a decrease in wastage as the ad was displayed to fewer people unlikely to engage with Isuzu. Additionally, the ad really resonated with people and the key messages were well understood. Exposed groups showed uplifts across all brand metrics tested, including:• The number of respondents likely to recommend the brand more than tripled between the control and exposed groups• 74.6% of the exposed audience were likely to consider Isuzu compared to 28.3% of the control group• Purchase intent more than doubled between the control and exposed groups.


Credits: Photos by Ratana Donlee, Sadi Gökpınar, irem keyifli, Filip Bunkens

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