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Custom ‘trendsetter’ audience boosts positive awareness of Lacoste

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  • United States
  • Apparel
  • Custom audiences
  • Geo-targeting
  • 2022


Aided awareness


Brand consideration


Awareness lift in adults between 25-34 years old

Boosting brand appeal among younger consumers

In an increasingly fragmented TV landscape and an overcrowded US marketplace of luxury apparel spanning established and new-entrants, Lacoste's goal was to maximize reach and drive awareness and consideration.

A key challenge Finecast was tasked with, from an awareness perspective, was ensuring exposed viewers, specifically younger viewers consider Lacoste over existing apparel brands advertising in the TV space.

Additionally, Finecast needed to ensure these exposed viewers could be measured in a holistic manner with statistically significant results.

Finding the trendsetting audience

Leveraging Finecast’s best-in-class data partnerships and proprietary audience planning process, we built a target audience focused on Adults 18-44 who are high propensity, trendsetting purchasers within the clothing and shoe space.

We then activated across advanced TV platforms, delivering a big-screen,
high-impact experience that delivered ads to the right person in the right place at the right time.

Finally, Finecast leveraged Upwave to measure all the important brand metrics of Lacoste to provide back-end results that can be used for optimizations in future campaigns.

The brand lift study conducted by Finecast for our SS22 campaign was very thorough and helpful. It provided key insights that we plan to implement into future paid media initiatives, which will help shape and guide our messaging and targets.

Deyvanshi Masrani - Senior Brand Manager

Lacoste gains media traction against competitors

Finecast’s media activity enabled Lacoste to gain traction against their competitors throughout the duration of the campaign. Lacoste saw positive lifts in aided awareness (+8.9%), brand consideration (+8.3%) and customer forecast (+6.2%). Moreover, the brand lift study showcased other key metrics that can be used to inform future campaigns:• Most exposed respondents see Lacoste as more favorable than before or remain neutral with male respondents recording more significant lifts in favorability than females.

• Lift was recorded in Lacoste’s main KPI, Awareness, across all age demos. Most significant lifts were seen in adults between 25-34 years (+11%) and adults over 45 years.

• Significant lifts were seen in Lacoste brand attributes such as Lacoste being “a fashionable brand” (+9.1%) and “a brand that connects different people” (+11.1%)


Credits: Photos by Roberto Carrafa, Assedrani Official, Queens

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