A-Z of Addressable TV: C is for Creative

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  • 05/10/2021

In the A-Z of Addressable TV series we will introduce some of the key terminology, technical aspects, and target audiences involved in addressable TV, and explain how they enable advertisers to discover and reach new audiences. From ‘addressable’ to ‘Gen Z’, we’ve got you covered.

C is for Creative 

What is ad creative?

Ad creative is the end product served to your audience. It is a blanket term for the visual, design and content elements of an ad or wider advertising campaign and, as the name suggests, is typically an original and unique idea.

The aim is to be memorable and impact consumer behaviour by increasing the viewer’s brand awareness and, ultimately, drive a call to action such as making a purchase, visiting a store or dealership, or subscribing to a service. This we all know, but here’s where it gets interesting…

The importance of relevance

Ad creative is still the key advertising element driving sales, accounting for a 47% share of sales contributions, per research by Nielsen, but a strong ad creative needs to be relevant to the audience to be engaging. Finecast’s Thinking Inside the Box research found that people who deem an ad to be relevant are 18x more likely to think the brand is worth paying for, and 20x more likely to find the creative asset appealing.

Which begs the question, how do you define relevance? By definition, it is ‘the quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate’.

Let’s play this idea out through two different lenses. Through one, your car insurance is about to end, and you are served a targeted TV ad from a car insurer offering you a promotional price. Relevant? Absolutely.

Through the other lens, you have a giant gorilla playing the drums to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” to subtly promote Cadbury’s chocolate. This famous ad targeted both adults and children. The hook for adults was the association with the music, and how their nostalgia for the period blurred with nostalgia for the brand.

The hook for children was a 1,000-pound gorilla playing a mean drum solo – arguably compelling viewing for all ages. It is a visual that sticks. Whilst it seems irrelevant compared to the car insurance example, the ad was interesting and amusing enough to go viral and nostalgia is what made it very relevant for millions of people.

How does addressable TV support creative?

Ad creative works best when it reaches the appropriate audience who can relate to the message or offer presented. Addressable TV makes this possible by allowing creative content and audience targeting to work hand in hand.

Using addressable TV and all the different sources of data available to them via Finecast, brands can reach specific demographics – ensuring their creative is seen by the intended audience rather than simply hoping the right people see it.

Moreover, with binge watching and video on demand on the rise, overexposure to creatives is an issue that can lead to negative perception of brands. Finecast’s addressable TV solution offers frequency management to limit this exposure and keep the message fresh.

The targeted nature of addressable TV also provides more opportunity for experimentation and doubling up on creatives without increasing the cost and risk associated with a wider campaign.

Let’s look at an example…

Finecast recently worked with eBay to conduct research into two different ad creatives. One, ‘Black Friday’, was aimed at a value-seeking audience and used discount messaging. The second, ‘94 seconds’, emphasized brand building and told a story of a young couple having their first child and the unexpected life changes that brings.

This research identified key generational and age differences eBay considered when serving their ad creatives. They discovered the functional element of the creative was a priority for older viewers, whilst younger audiences were drawn in by emotive elements. This informed eBay’s decision to serve the ’94 seconds’ creative to a target group of parents aged 25-44. 

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