A-Z of Addressable TV:  N is for New to TV

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  • 10/07/2023

In the “A-Z of Addressable TV” series, we introduce some of the key terminology, technical aspects, and target audiences involved in addressable TV and explain how they enable advertisers to discover and reach new audiences. From ‘Addressable’ to ‘Gen Z,’ we’ve got you covered.

A-Z of Addressable TV:  N is for new to TV

How has the relationship between brands and TV evolved?

TV has always been the most powerful medium for building brands. From 1941, when a watch brand aired the first-ever TV advert in the U.S., up to the present day where it offers brands high-impact exposure across a huge audience base, TV advertising remains impactful.

With the growth of addressable TV, brands can combine the power of TV with the precision of data to reach audiences across multiple devices in new and innovative ways. The result is efficient and emotive advertising layered with a data-led approach typically seen in digital advertising.  

Why is now a good time to start advertising on TV?

The perception that TV advertising is expensive and the preserve of big name, big budget brands is outdated. As scrutiny on budgets intensifies in the current climate, advertising on television through addressable campaigns offers a real opportunity to do so effectively and efficiently.

Brands can reach their audiences with precision targeting and monitor near real-time results – giving them the confidence to make their mark on TV, and the insights to plan effective campaigns. 

What are the benefits for brands advertising on TV for the first time?

Brands who have never advertised on TV before can use addressable solutions to tap into the power of a TV ecosystem that delivers high and consistent levels of attention to advertising. This means reaching the audiences that matter most to them to increase everything from brand awareness and consideration to driving brand loyalty and actions like store visits and sales.

Those with smaller budgets, a niche product or service, or a focus on a particular location can run targeted campaigns executed with confidence and ensure the creative is exposed to relevant current and potential customers across the expanding TV ecosystem.

How does Finecast’s addressable TV solution help brands that are new to TV make an impact?

Finecast’s addressable TV solution brings your brand’s messaging to relevant audiences in the TV environment. This is achieved by combining premium content partnerships, effective segmentation using best-in-class datasets to identify and reach a tailored audience, and bespoke measurement solutions such as Brand Uplift, Web Uplift, and Sales Uplift, to track performance against business objectives.

By providing a single point of access to the TV ecosystem, brands with little or no prior experience of TV advertising can navigate the ecosystem and tap into the most trusted viewing medium – launching campaigns like seasoned professionals and getting results to match.

What type of brands should consider TV advertising?

TV advertising is an option for brands of all sizes, industries, and stages of their journey. From heritage brands with a history of advertising on the biggest screen in the home, to brands who have never advertised on TV, and brands that have previously advertised on television but were put off by costs and the complexity of a more fragmented viewing ecosystem.

Finecast has helped a range of advertisers return to TV advertising or advertise on TV for the for the first time, from FMCG companies and car manufacturers to clothing brands, higher education, social media platforms, tech disruptors, and many more.

Let’s look at an example of a brand using Finecast’s addressable TV solution to advertise on TV for the first time...

Hyperoptic, the hyperfast broadband provider, wanted to raise awareness and increase interest, enquiries, and sales through TV advertising. But they had never done it before and, crucially, they wanted to do so in a cost-effective way while focusing only on areas where their service was available.

An addressable TV campaign with Finecast enabled them to deliver their advert on television specifically to those within the Hyperoptic catchment area, reducing ad wastage.

By developing a bespoke audience segment (18+ adults, geo-targeted to areas their broadband service was live), Finecast was able to deliver significant impact via TV advertising. This included a 49% increase in intent to purchase and a 20-point increase in brand awareness. Plus, a 33% increase in orders.

What are the key things to remember when a brand plans its first TV campaign?

Entry cost: From short-term, action-based behaviour such as store footfall to long-term metrics like brand building, TV ads perform well at both ends of the sales funnel. Combined with other marketing channels, it plays a vital role in brand uplift.

Audience granularity: Television is widely watched, so even if your product or service appears niche, you can reach a significant number of your target audience.

Creative: Finecast can support brands across the full creative journey by combining expertise in addressable and data-led insights to support campaign decision-making.

Measuring success: Based on your campaign's objectives, addressable TV enables you to measure key KPIs that will inform ongoing and future campaigns.

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