Five years of Finecast – TV’s transformation now and next

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  • 27/09/2022
Five years of Finecast

Nicola Lewis, CEO of Finecast 

Total TV transformation 

It’s been five years since the official launch of Finecast, and to say it has flown by would be an understatement. Our industry has and continues to experience a period of immense change, especially the world of TV. During this time Finecast has been at the forefront of Total TV transformation, and we’ve been guiding and supporting clients on this journey. I, personally, have found it fascinating and immensely gratifying to take an active role in these developments and I’m excited for those to come. 

Looking back, we’ve come a long way in a short space of time. The Finecast product is now live in a total of 14 markets with more on the horizon. And while each market, country or territory is at a very different stage of their TV transformation, they all want to offer the best solutions for our clients. To make this happen, we work hand in hand with the TV industry on a global scale, with one aim – enabling people to access great content every day on the amazing creative canvas each one of us has in our homes – the TV screen.  

Innovation: one size does not fit all 

Innovation is one of our global values and is woven into Finecast’s DNA. So much so that we recently launched a Global Innovation Team to drive ideas from seed to fruition, ensuring our market-leading addressable TV solution continues to yield for our clients.  

Our recent innovations sit within three buckets – creative, data and measurement. From dynamic creative to innovative ad formats, we’ve rolled out a global strategy to ensure we’re consistently helping brands to tell better stories while enhancing the viewers’ TV experience. Data has also been front of mind as we seek to make advertising more relevant through new audiences, insights and optimisations, like integrating search intent data into campaigns. And as we use data to enhance our targeting capabilities, we naturally need to ensure we’re advancing our measurement tools for improved full funnel activation and analysis of campaign performance. 

While Finecast is philosophically the same around the world, it is important we take a nuanced and market-specific approach to each market or territory. Always striving for the best, we work to a principle of sharing our learnings. This approach allows us to constantly refine and iterate the Finecast product to stay ahead of the industry.  

The next chapter 

The future of addressable TV is bright and Finecast’s vision to advance TV advertising experiences for brands and viewers remains. The industry is, after all, set to be worth $45 billion by 2025, with growth across connected TV, addressable set-top boxes, new forms of addressability and new screens. 

More specifically, we see five key trends accelerating: 

  • Rapid growth of non-linear TV viewing 

This transition was irreversibly accelerated during the pandemic. And while the initial surge in subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) subscriptions may have curtailed, the majority are diversifying with adverting video-on-demand (AVOD) models to secure growth.

  • Rise in video game streaming and eSports 

For many viewers, video gaming and eSports are classed as their TV viewing experience. These channels satisfy the same need states as broadcast TV – to unwind, distract, comfort, etc.

  • Creativity in commerce

QR codes have had a resurgence, with 2 out of 3 consumers being more compelled to interact with a brand using QR codes. This opens the door for brands to continue the conversation with people after they’ve seen their ad, and drive conversion.

  • Device, platforms and attention

Attention has been the buzzword of 2022. We’ve shown, through our research with Amplified Intelligence that the platform is the key driver of attention, followed by the audience, the creative and the brand. This dialogue will continue as we dig deeper into the results and conduct further academic research.

  • TV acting in concert with omnichannel solutions

TV is still the most trusted medium, and it has proven to be able to cut through the digital noise. We’re already working on projects to better connect TV to other channels to provide viewers with a multichannel brand experience.

Learn more about the Future of TV in the link below

Over the next 12 months, we will grow our talent across the world to create and deploy cutting-edge TV solutions for our clients. This ensures that our media strategy, planning, implementation and optimisation strategy are ever evolving and industry leading.  

Watch this space. 

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