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Thinking Inside the Box is a series of research projects by Finecast to delve deeper into understanding how the TV landscape is evolving and what this means for advertisers. We work closely with various established industry research partners to source reliable data and insights, understand it and inform how we educate our clients and develop our products and solutions. This work builds on our mission to advance TV advertising experiences for both brands and viewers.

Lighting up Neural Networks: How the Brain Responds to Addressable Ads

Phase Five of our research investigates what happens in four key areas of the brain when people watch addressable vs. non-addressable ads within TV shows, as shown through state-of-the-art fMRI imaging.

Capturing attention with addressable

Phase Four of our research, is a study to understand the levels of attention across TV viewing in the UK and establish what factors drive attention in advertising.

Measuring the success of addressable

Phase Three of our research, explores how three brands are effectively using addressable TV today and how ads impact brand perception, viewer engagement and the likelihood of a call to action.

The addressable TV opportunity

Phase Two of our research, comprised of in depth industry interviews and neuroscience experiments with UCL professors to understand how viewers respond to TV ads in different contexts.

A viewer’s perspective: what is television?

Phase one of the research comprised of a series of ethnography sessions with TV viewers and their opinion on TV advertising today and how it’s changed.

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