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Finecast delivers incremental reach with greater cost efficiency

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  • 2020
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Incremental reach over linear TV among parents aged 25-44


To achieve 1% incremental reach among parents aged 25-44 (£33k on linear TV)


Incremental reach for hard to reach 'light TV viewer' segment

The world's leading auction site

By allowing both consumers and brands to sell new and used items, it has evolved to become an instantly recognisable name and a brand that represents the first port of call for many shoppers on the hunt for value.

Drive incremental reach

eBay wanted to drive incremental reach of their audiences using TV advertising while ensuring cost efficiency and controlling frequency to avoid saturating the channel. Their aim was to reach parents aged 25 to 44 as well as light TV viewers who may not otherwise be exposed to eBay brand content.

Add addressable to a proven linear TV approach in order to bolster the audiences they could reach during their campaign.

The eBay team set out parameters for new audience segments not readily available via linear TV. Using proprietary technology and access to unrivalled supply, Finecast created a campaign plan that would actively target these hard-to-reach audiences. By including Finecast, eBay aimed to apply the same premium content and preferred delivery mechanisms associated with the traditional TV screen to engage audiences with greater cost efficiency and drive action among their viewership.

The new precision TV data capability as planned and activated through Finecast allowed us to hone in on our very specific target audience. We combined this new targeting capability with an addressable TV approach that meant we could reach our specific audience through high quality, emotive storytelling. A third-party reach and frequency study proved that Finecast had a hugely positive impact on our business goals, demonstrating high incremental reach over TV and showing efficiencies we have created by adding Finecast to our media strategy.

Faisal Alani - Partnerships and Always On Marketing, eBay, UK

Finecast delivered increased reach with greater cost efficiency

eBay saw their Finecast activity building reach consistently throughout the campaign, maintaining an average frequency of 3.2. Using Finecast, eBay also achieved incremental reach of 4.6% vs. linear TV for the target group of parents aged 25 to 44. Furthermore, Finecast delivered this target audience with greater cost efficiency. To achieve 1% reach among parents aged 25 to 44, eBay spent an average of £33k through linear TV, while this cost only £6k through Finecast

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