GroupM launches new hyperlocal audience targeting solution for addressable TV

  • 3 minutes read
  • Global
  • 15/06/2023

Geo Granularity enables hyperlocal targeting in high quality broadcaster inventory for more precise audience reach that optimises ad spend.

GroupM, WPP’s media investment group, announced the launch of Geo Granularity, a hyperlocal and granular targeting technology developed by Finecast, the addressable TV solution of GroupM Nexus. Engineered for high-quality broadcaster inventories on the big screen, the new technology has been enhanced from broader pin code level targeting to granular 1000-meter geo-targeting, allowing advertisers to zero in on more defined audiences for their campaigns.

Traditionally, a pin code in India could comprise hundreds of thousands of households. By zooming in on a smaller geographical area – narrowed down to a one square kilometre grid – advertisers can enjoy improved proficiency and optimised ad spend through Finecast’s audience planning technology that targets specific households based on consumer affluence, behaviour, and demographics.

Covering an expansive area of 26,000 square kilometres across India’s top cities, this innovative solution was developed using proprietary geo-spatial technology and is the country’s first ever initiative of its kind, offering unparalleled targeting capabilities exclusively designed for TV advertisers. Each square kilometre grid incorporates a wide range of valuable data points which are meticulously refined and integrated using Finecast’s audience planning technology. The comprehensive data empowers advertisers to create precisely targeted campaigns that resonate with their intended audience.

Studies have shown that users who are shown relevant ads are more likely to have a positive experience with the advertiser's brand, resulting in better engagement, higher click-through rates, and ultimately, more conversions.

All GroupM clients will be able to harness the benefits from this geo-targeting solution via their media planners.

Prasanth Kumar, CEO - GroupM South Asia said,“Finecast’s Geo Granularity technology is a game-changer for businesses seeking to achieve more targeted and hyperlocal TV advertising across high-quality broadcaster inventories. This innovative solution will revolutionize the way advertisers approach TV advertising by offering a more precise and coherent approach to targeting specific geographic areas. By reaching potential customers in their local markets, businesses can enjoy higher relevance, better consumer experience, and ultimately, more conversions."

Atique Kazi, president - data, performance & digital products, GroupM India said, “With Geo Granularity’s innovative targeting strategy, businesses can leverage the increased flexibility to connect with captive audiences and grow their brand equity. GroupM Nexus’ Finecast has continued to be a trailblazer in addressable TV by developing technology like Geo Granularity that’s revolutionizing the industry by providing advertisers with stronger outcomes and higher return of investment."

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