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Segmenting data to reach urban audiences with eye health products

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  • 2023


Increase in purchase intent


Uplift in brand opinion


Average completion rate across multiple creatives

Eye Mo wanted to raise brand awareness and educate people on its Daily Care product admist the large competition.

Eye Mo is a leading eye drop brand that has been trusted by Filipinos for many years. Combiphar acquired Eye Mo from GSK in 2016 and relaunched the brand’s three eye products by 2021. The last product to launch was Eye Mo Daily Care. Subsequent research showed that people were not clear on the difference between the three products.

With competition from large pharmaceutical brands, Eye Mo needed to raise brand awareness and educate people on its Daily Care product.

Eye Mo’s target audience is defined as people who are often exposed to pollution, long screen hours, or other activities that might cause eye irritation and discomfort.

These are men and women, between 18-35 and 35+ who live in urban areas across the Philippines and want quick, safe and easy ways to keep their eyes and vision fresh to continue their activities.

Finecast worked with Mindshare to create a household segment that best matched Eye Mo’s target audience using the proprietary household planning platform Finecast Audience Planner.

The campaign was then distributed to households within 242 postcodes spread across urban areas of the Philippines through Finecast’s supply partners such as iWantTFC, Viu, WeTV and many more.

To measure the impact of the campaign, Finecast partnered with Kantar Lightspeed to assess the effectiveness of addressable TV advertising based on key brand metrics such as consideration, engagement and awareness.

"Finecast’s addressable TV solution enabled us to effectively reach our target audience across urban areas in the Philippines – particularly a young demographic which is hard to reach on linear TV. This really helped our brand spread the importance of taking care of one’s eyes."

Farah Feddia | GM Eye Care | PT Combiphar, Marketing & International

Working with Finecast, Eye Mo’s campaign achieved an average completion rate of 87% across multiple creatives.

The brand lift study found that both brand opinion and recommendation increased significantly, by 48% and 30% respectively. This was especially apparent among viewers aged 18-24 years, suggesting that the creative resonated more with younger audiences.

A higher proportion of the exposed respondents showed positive consideration of Eye Mo products (uplift of 29%). They were highly likely to purchase the product (uplift of 44%).

The campaign not only achieved an uplift of awareness for the Eye Mo Daily Care variant (22% uplift), but also succeeded in communicating the importance of cleansing their eyes using Eye Mo (uplift of 16%).

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