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Finecast’s Addressable TV drives successful brand effectiveness campaign

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  • United Kingdom
  • Luxury
  • Custom audiences
  • Incremental reach
  • 2021
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Are more likely to use Montblanc


Are likely to consider Montblanc


Felt positive about the brand

One of the world's leading luxury accessory brands

Montblanc is one of the world’s leading luxury accessory brands, with three core values at its heart; timelessness, luxury and craftsmanship –hallmarks that the fragrance collection celebrate in luxurious style. With scents full of adventure and freedom, that reveal a refined masculinity.

Understand the impact of TV on brand health metrics during their key retail period.

Montblanc wanted to understand the impact of TV on brand health metrics during their key retail period. Addressable TV was a perfectly suited channel for this campaign. It enabled Montblanc to deliver their evocative creative using an innovative, data targeting solution that would reach high value audiences with precision in a broadcast environment.

Build fully bespoke audience segments for Montblanc’s audience

The new precision TV data capability as planned and activated through Finecast allowed Finecast to access Montblanc audiences in an addressable broadcast approach that meant reaching Montblanc’s specific audience through quality emotive storytelling (Finecast targeted aforementioned audienceswith precision in 100% broadcast environment, across the entire UK TV ecosystem).

The addressable TV campaign run through Finecast clearly demonstrated a positive impact on our brand health metrics. We will be looking to include addressable TV in our future campaigns.

Fabien Callens - Marketing Director, Kenneth Green Associates, UK
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The campaign results were very positive.

The aided brand awareness for Montblanc with the exposed respondents is higher than any of the competitor brands.After seeing the advert, 33% searched for more information online at a later time, 31% discussed it with friends or family and 28% searched for more information online immediately.In terms of purchase intent, 75% of the exposed viewers were “much” or “a little” more likely to use Montblanc as a preferred men’s fragrance in the future, compared to 37% in the control group which equates to a 38-percentage point uplift.


Credits: Photos by Omar Al-Ghosson

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