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Finecast scales brand awareness for Sweaty Betty beyond its fan base

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  • United Kingdom
  • Apparel
  • Custom audiences
  • Incremental reach
  • 2021
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Likely to visit website in the next month


Likely to visit store in the next month


NPS score (promotion)

British retailer specialising in women's activewear

Founded in 1998, Sweaty Betty is a British retailer specialising in women's activewear, shaking up the activewear market for over 20 years. Designed by women for women, their goal is to make women feel powerful and amazing from studio to street with the best fit and fabric.

Scale brand awareness beyond their loyal fan base

In 2020 Sweaty Betty looked to TV for the very first time to scale brand awareness beyond their loyal fan base while ensuring this was reaching a relevant audience -- women with an interest in sport and fitness. This was paired with paid social, email and online video.
The secondary focus of the campaign was on supporting sales growth, adopting a more direct response approach by offering the viewer a discount by using an onscreen code (20% off the power leggings featured in the ad).

Build fully bespoke audience segments for Sweaty Betty's audience

Their venture into TV was aimed at building brand awareness. They targeted females who made health-conscious lifestyle choices using a tailored approach driven by data with a specific focus on ‘Upmarket female fitness enthusiasts. Segments also included “New Year’s Resolution 2020” and “Do more exercise or improve my fitness.”

Our first ever TV campaign run through Finecast delivered on its promise of building brand awareness and positive consideration. We’ll definitely be looking to include addressable TV in our future campaigns.

Rebecca Stone - Head of Brand Marketing, Sweaty Betty, UK
Sweaty Betty Logo

45% of those aware of Sweaty Betty felt they would expect to see the brand advertise on TV, and the TV campaign had a strong impact.

Key positive differences can be seen across brand perception measures and also awareness of the product featured in the TV campaign. % Difference between test and control groups:• +5% Prompted brand awareness• +3% Purchase intent• +6% Brand I love• +7% Mentioned the brand to someone they know in the last 3 weeks• +10% Likely to visit website in next month• +8% Likely to visit store in the next month• +11% NPS score (promotion)


Credits: Photos by Patrick Malleret, Blue Bird, Andrea Piacquadio

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