Unlocking the Potential of Addressable TV 

The promise of addressable TV

The addressable TV sector is one of the most exciting and dynamic areas of development within the advertising market.

Spanning a range of existing and emerging platforms and technologies, addressable TV offers media buyers a dizzying array of opportunities to target and reach key consumer groups with sophisticated creative material.

To build a robust global picture of the potential of addressable TV, Ampere Analysis conducted over 100 interviews with advertisers, streamers and agencies, bottom-up market modelling and quantitative research. Learn more below.

In this report, you'll discover:

• The maturity and scale of the addressable TV market in different regions around the world

• Key use cases for addressable TV for campaigns across marketers of different sizes, scales, geographies and sectors

• Solutions and best practice for media buyers and addressable TV service providers when dealing with the challenges encountered in the addressable sector.

• Emerging opportunities, screens and technologies that will shape the addressable TV space of the future.

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