TV delivers one of the highest and most consistent levels of attention to advertising

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  • United Kingdom
  • 19/05/2022
TV delivers one of the highest and most consistent levels of attention cover

Research by Finecast and Amplified Intelligence shows that the platform has the largest impact on how much UK consumers pay attention to your ad

19th May 2022, London, UK – Finecast, a leading addressable TV provider, has today announced the results of its research into the role of attention across TV advertising, which shows that the platform on which an ad is served directly impacts the active attention viewers commit to it. The findings also show that:

  • Attention paid to an ad on TV is more active and consistent across its duration than on digital platforms
  • Viewers pay 20% more active attention per second to OTT ads than linear
  • Active attention to ads positively correlates with more sales
  • Relevance of the audience and creative directly impacts the level of active attention the ad can gain

The latest phase of the Thinking Inside the Box research, “Capturing attention with addressable: A study into audience attention and the role relevance plays across TV advertising” conducted by Amplified Intelligence on behalf of Finecast examines the links between attention, relevance and brand performance by exploring the level to which users pay active attention (looking directly at the TV screen), passive attention (in the room but not watching the TV) and non-attention (the TV is on, but the viewer isn’t in the room).

The research found that the platform drives the largest impact on the attention paid to the ad, with relevance to the audience and the creative itself increasing the number of seconds viewers watch for. The findings also show that as ad length on TV increases, attention does not wane – giving more time to communicate messages.

The study found overall attention for TV ads almost always hit the threshold (3 seconds) when memories start to form, a key driver for brand awareness and short-term sales growth. The proportion of people watching the last second of a TV ad is almost the same as those watching the first second.

Samantha Lister, Senior Director of Data Solutions at Finecast, said, “Advertisers are constantly fighting for consumers’ attention, and to prove that a campaign delivers the short and long-term results they need. The findings from this research demonstrate that the platform on which an ad is served matters, and significantly enhances the power of the creative to successfully drive active attention. TV, particularly OTT, continues to be a powerful platform, and enables addressable TV advertising to identify and serve relevant ads that deliver consistent levels of attention that other formats cannot achieve.”

Professor Karen Nelson Field, CEO and founder of Amplified Intelligence, said, “The evidence from this experiment shows that advertisers need to consider the most effective approach for their needs to engage with consumers.”

The study included using eye-tracking technology to collect attention data from 250 households who watched 7,503 OTT and linear TV ads from 18 brands across auto, banking & insurance, fashion & retail, FMCG, food & beverage, gambling, technology and travel.

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About Amplified Intelligence

Amplified is a global leader in the research and measurement of online human attention – the most valuable and important indicator of ad success. Powered by its AI-powered attention-tracking technology and the most comprehensive database of attention to advertising across digital and TV, Amplified Intelligence solutions provide advertisers with the power to optimise campaigns by hunting for quality attention formats and environments. Amplified Intelligence’s full range of attention products will provide the world’s first attention driven end-to-end media tool.

Created in Adelaide, Australia, in 2017 by Professor Karen Nelson Field – a globally acclaimed author and media science pioneer – the company’s mission is to revolutionise the way media is traded to focus on attention, making it fairer and more accountable.

Customers include OMD, WPP, Shell, Mars, Pepsi, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify.

Amplified Intelligence has become THE trusted source for rigorous and accurate attention metrics.

About Karen Nelson-Field

Professor Nelson-Field is a globally acclaimed researcher in media science. She is a regular speaker on the major circuits, including Cannes and SXSW, and has secured research funding from some of the world’s largest advertisers. Her first book, Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing, set the record straight on hunting for ‘viral success’. Her most recent book, The Attention Economy and How Media Works, explains the stark reality of human attention to advertising. Her research has been noted in The New York Times, Bloomberg Business, CNBC, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and AdAge. She has a regular column, Attention Revolution, with Mediatel News. Karen’s commercial work combines tech and innovative methodological design to build attention measurement and insight products to guide the industry through a disrupting digital economy.

About Finecast

Finecast is a leading addressable TV company which enables advertisers to personalise ads across on-demand, linear and live streaming TV environments. Finecast gives advertisers the ability to deliver relevant ads to audiences watching TV content across multiple broadcasters, connected devices, set top boxes, over-the-top providers and game consoles – all through a single point of access.

Finecast optimises delivery across the entire addressable TV marketplace. With access to hundreds of different targeting segments, from socio-economic to life stage, purchase and financial data, advertisers can reach viewers whenever and wherever they are watching. Finecast is part of GroupM, the media investment group of WPP.