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Finecast drives cost-effective incremental reach over linear TV

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  • United Kingdom
  • Telco
  • Incremental reach
  • 2022


Incremental reach vs. linear TV amongst viewers 18-34 years old


Incremental reach vs. linear TV for All Adults


Savings versus achieving the same reach via linear TV alone

Providing consumers with affordable and reliable fixed connectivity

In 2003, TalkTalk was founded with the aim of offering consumers more choice and better value. They have always stood out for challenging the status quo and launching first-of-a-kind products and services.

Drive incremental reach, awareness and consideration of their products

TalkTalk needed to increase its reach through their AV channels. As a commercially driven business, they wanted to understand the cost of achieving incremental reach above their linear TV campaign, as well as ensure that their strategy cut through the noise to drive awareness and consideration of their products.

Build fully bespoke audience segments for TalkTalk's audience

Finecast created a bespoke audience for TalkTalk’s campaign by sifting through data from a variety of sources including YouGov, Experian, and Personicx, then validating that data and selecting the top indexing segmentations.

We’re thrilled with the results we got through running an addressable TV campaign with Finecast. We’ve realised that addressable TV offers more benefits than just great audience targeting; working with Finecast gave us access to premium content, a greater volume of inventory, and platforms that are helping us reach our goals.

Ben Cooper - Head of Marketing, TalkTalk
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The Finecast campaign was extremely effective at improving ROI

The Finecast campaign achieved a total cost saving of £227,000 versus the linear TV budget that would be required to achieve the same reach. Overall the campaign delivered a +1.3% incremental reach across all adults and +2.3% incremental reach across the ‘hard to reach’ audience of 18 – 34 years

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